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First Dance

As I’ve pointed out many times, it is my opinion that the mainstream media has had a tremendous downward effect on public support for our military’s efforts in the Iraqi and Afghan theaters. The problem stems from an old journalism adage that a building that does not burn is not news. Okay, there have been many instances of misrepresentations, of usage of stringers far too friendly to the terrorists, and of negatively spinning positives when they are actually reported. The real problem, however, has been the willingness to repeatedly bang the drum of bad news while selectively cherry-picking or completely ignoring any stories of progress.

It’s not that the military hasn’t tried to put out news of progress — indeed, U.S. Central Command has issued press release after press release that has been ignored by the media. So desperate is CENTCOM to get out the good word that several months ago they began contacting bloggers asking for links and offering press releases. Well, I gave them the link in my sidebar, but now it is time to help them spread the word of their successes. Don’t worry, I won’t publish every one, but I will be far more receptive to their accomplishments than the New York Times.

Today’s stories are as follows:

Iraqi Army captures four terrorists, weapons

MultiNational Division, Baghdad captures four suspected kidnappers


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