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Israel-Hezbollah: Media and Psych Op

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Not much tonight again, but I did want to point y’all towards a couple of interesting looks at the propaganda fight around the actual conflict in Lebanon.

First, the Jawa Report‘s Dr. Rusty takes a look at Yahoo!News and does some photo counting. It seems that the mainstream media are quite content to carry the propaganda water for Hezbollah’s “Oh! The (Lebanese only) humanity!” theme.

Meanwhile, Debbie at In the Bullpen points out an interesting psych op that Israel is employing in region — the seizure of Hezbollah’s own airwaves twice daily to counter Hezbollah’s message. Chad Evans chimes in on the post with video.

It’s like SNL’s old Weekend Update Point-Counterpoint, only missing Dan Aykroyd’s exclamation of “Hassan, you ignorant slut.”

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