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Sweet Pic and a Somber Anniversary

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The “Don’t Mess with Texas” slogan began as an anti-litter campaign with its debut during the Jan. 1, 1987, Cotton Bowl game. Since that day, which saw my Aggies fall to Ohio State 28-12, the slogan has grown to mean much more to many in the Lone Star state.

Saddam Hussein must not have received the memo.

Don't Mess with Texas

I also love the graffiti. This picture comes from Jeff at Midnight In Iraq.

Hat tip for this image goes to the Tanker Brothers, who also mark today as a sad but noble reminder of the cost of war when they bring us the incredibly touching words of a father as he details his son’s final return home. Go and read. Please.

Thank you, SGT Mike Stokely, for your service and sacrifice, and my best wishes for peace to Robert Stokely on this, the anniversary of his last car ride with his beloved son.

Programs, get your programs!

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Can’t tell the Mideast players without a program!

Slate brings us this graphic breakdown of whom is considered friend, foe or “It’s complicated” for the current southern Lebanon-Palestinian-Israeli players (hat tip to Chap). It’s reminiscent of my old days of armor vehicle recognition training when the answers were often broken down to friend, foe or French, the latter being an only somewhat humorous jab at both their unreliability and their willingness to sell to just about anyone.

As to Slate’s interactive graphic, I cannot say that I necessarily with all of their judgements, as I would certainly consider the European Union to be a mixed bag for Israel — quite willing business partners but generally unreliable and often somewhat hostile in the political arena to Israel’s efforts.

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