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Reciprocity XIX and Valour-IT Update

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this again. Every so often I like to take an opportunity to express my gratitude to those who have blogrolled or linked to Target Centermass.

First, thanks to the following fine blogs for adding TCm to their blogrolls:

Second, thanks to the following for somewhat recent links to TCm:

Third, I would especially like to thank Matt at Blackfive for his work in the MilBlog fundraiser for his work as the Army team lead in the Valour-IT fundraiser. I gave, but not for the link from Matt. Check out the cause if you want to know the real reason. Tonight, Matt brings an especially pleasing update – the Army team has hit its goal of $21,000, two days before the drive closes on Veteran’s Day and ahead of the other branches. Hooah!!! Don’t let that stop you from giving throught the Army team at Blackfive or through the graphic link below.

Feel free to give through the branch of your choice (hint … Army). Just please give. The troops deserve more than magnets on cars as signs of support.

As always, if you’ve linked or blogrolled Target Centermass and I haven’t found you, please send an email or post a comment. No good deed should go unacknowledged.

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