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Introducing the Liberty Papers

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A new libertarian group blog has launched with the debut of the Liberty Papers.

Eric Cowperthwaite, proprietor of Eric’s Grumbles Before the Grave and founder of the Life, Liberty, Property community, has gathered together a bevy of contributors with high hopes of building a strong voice for personal freedom. Eric explains the site’s purpose with the following:

So, why this blog? Our goal is a place where we can write on Liberty. We aim to be the place you come to when you want to read political thought from a classic liberal perspective. There’s many other places on the web you can go for freedom and liberty writing. You can visit Catallarchy for anarcho-capitalist writing, or Q And O for neo-libertarian writing (a blend, really, of neo-conservative and libertarian perspectives). So, we aim to be the place you go for liberal thought from a classic perspective. Expect to see a wide variety of writing, as we have a wide variety of contributors.

Go give it a gander. I know I’ll certainly spend time aplenty watching it develop. Hey, if I ever get off my duff and wax political, maybe I’ll try to throw my two cents into the Liberty Papers.

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