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The 21st Century Spartans

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Here’s an absolutely outstanding infantry graduation speech by LTC Randolph C. White Jr. last month at Ft. Benning.

Take a look on the parade field, ladies and gentlemen, take a long, hard look. What you see standing out there is representative of the noblest strata of our society.

You’re the latest band of brothers, miles away from the flagpole and making things happen the very best way you can. The techno-wannabes in the corporate world can’t even begin to fathom the vast responsibilities you’ve accepted. You will be scrutinized like no warriors before you, expected to eradicate our enemies, pacify the critics and abide by the rules of land warfare as only we and our true allies seem committed to doing.


The fine LTC is harsh on military critics. Appropriately so, in my opinion. Latte, heh. I’ll take coffee, black, just like I learned to enjoy at Ft. Knox.

* Please note, this is a genuine and enthusiastic Hooah, not the sarcastic, deadpan Hooah I entertained myself by giving as a response to almost all orders while in uniform. Hey, that was my schtick.

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