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Fort Knox, 1990
Okay, so it’s an old photo from 1990 to the right. Welcome to Target Centermass. My name’s Dave Wylie and, if I look angry in the photo, it’s probably because I’d just learned that I had to pay for that Ft. Knox 30-seconds-and-it’s-all-gone first haircut.

I enlisted as a tank crewman into the Texas Army National Guard in 1990 while attending Texas A&M. I graduated from A&M in 1993 and left the military (for now) in 1999. In the areas of politics and journalism, I have been involved in some campaigns at the grassroots level, interned on Capitol Hill and contributed to several trivial publications in a variety of areas of interest through the years. Unrelated to all of this, I’m currently working in the software field in the Dallas area.

Very early in the history of Target Centermass, I went on record with my personal political beliefs.

Here’s a much more recent photo of me, both sixteen years later and sixteen pounds heavier.

Gunner 2006

Target Centermass is my place for commenting on politics and current events, all with an openly libertarian/conservative, hawkish tint. I’m rarely timely, but will post on items I feel deserve more attention or about which I have a strong opinion. I reserve the right to post about anything I damn well please. All views expressed are strictly my own unless otherwise specified.


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