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U.S. Demands Action, Global Yawn Expected

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My, but we Americans are a demanding and, at times, pathetically optimistic bunch.

On Iran:
U.S. demands swift action for Iran’s nuclear noncompliance

As the deadline set by the UN approaches, the US is pushing for swift sanctions against Iran for its lack of compliance with the international committee’s demand to stop its nuclear enrichment program, American officials said Monday.

Iran is expected to provide its response to the European incentive package on Tuesday, but the US is looking ahead to the UN deadline set August 31. Sources in Washington speculated that the Iranian response to the incentive package would not be conclusive, yet would include no sign of willingness to stop the uranium enrichment process.

US President George W. Bush said Monday he hoped the international community moved quickly to impose sanctions against Iran in case it decides to go ahead with its nuclear project.

On Lebanon:
UN force must be deployed immediately, says Bush

George Bush called yesterday for the urgent deployment of a UN force in southern Lebanon, while offering American help with logistics, communications and intelligence. He also urged France to contribute more troops.

Mr Bush was speaking as the week-old ceasefire was in danger of unravelling, following an Israeli raid into Lebanon and an increasing reluctance among European countries to contribute soldiers to an expanded UN force.

Under the terms of a UN resolution passed this month, the force was to number 15,000 and be joined by a similar contingent of Lebanese government troops at the southern border, providing a buffer between Hizbullah and Israel.

But France, which was supposed to lead the expanded UN force, has offered only 200 troops, while Israel has blocked the participation of countries with which it has no diplomatic relations, ruling out Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Romano Prodi, Italy’s prime minister, said yesterday he was willing to accept Israel’s request for it to command the peacekeeping force, but said that the UN secretary general would have the final say in who should lead the peacekeepers.

On Sudan:
U.S. Urges UN Force in Darfur ‘Without Delay’

The United States Monday called on the government of Sudan to allow deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping force in Darfur “without delay.” The current African Union observer mission in the region is ill-equipped and under-funded, and lost two members killed in an ambush Saturday.

Officials here are pointing to Saturday’s ambush as further evidence of a deteriorating security situation in Darfur that they say requires the early deployment of a full-scale U.N. peace force.

The United States and Britain last week introduced a resolution in the Security Council that would re-make the current African Union mission in Darfur into a United Nations peacekeeping force.

But the Sudanese government continues to oppose the idea, with President Omar al-Bashir threatening to forcibly resist its introduction.

Of these three stories, I expect the U.N. and the global community to respond quickly with grumblings, stutterings and grandiose pronouncements of nothingness, respectively. If not respectively, then in any order the reader elects to apply the three courses of inaction to the three stories.

New Blog: Supporting Troops

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And I mean brand-spanking first-month new.

Supporting Troops is already chock-full of pictures of soldiers receiving care packages and is the most recent endeavor of Brad Blauser. Who is Brad Blauser? Well, he’s a civilian on the ground in Iraq and is the driving force behind an amazing effort I’ve mentioned once before, Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids.

Go check out Mr. Blauser’s amazingly good deeds.

Secret U.S. Interrogators Break Silence

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Some former American interrogators have gone on record with stories possible violations of Geneva Conventions, of a secretive detention camp, of actual prisoners of war — not just battlefield detainees, mind you — begin held for months without their captors notifying the Red Cross.

Indeed, so secret was this prison camp that it was called for a while by only a code name: P.O. Box 1142.

For more than 60 years, they kept their military secrets locked deep inside and lived quiet lives as account executives, college professors, business consultants and the like.

The brotherhood of P.O. Box 1142 enjoyed no homecoming parades, no VFW reunions, no embroidered ball caps and no regaling of wartime stories to grandchildren sitting on their knees.

Almost no one, not even their wives, in many cases, knew the place in history held by the men of Fort Hunt, alluded to during World War II only by a mailing address that was its code name.

One by one, some of the surviving 100 or so military intelligence interrogators who questioned Third Reich scientists, submariners and soldiers at one of the United States’s most secretive prisoner camps are, in the twilight of their lives, spilling tales they had dared not whisper before.

Ah, World War II and FDR. One can only wonder if today’s congressional democrats, were they to be thrust back in time, would have been grumbling about investigations and threatening impeachment.

Hat tip to Florida Cracker‘s Donnah, who has a link for more historical information on the camp.

Quote of the Week, 21 AUG 06

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The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words: too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy; too late in realizing the mortal danger; too late in preparedness; too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance; too late in standing with one’s friends.

—General Douglas MacArthur

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