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Europe Pathetically Caves

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Gerard Baker mixes a night spent stranded at a NATO base in Afghanistan with several events of the last week, and his final result is not a cheery concoction for the future of Europe.

But the scale of Europe’s moral crisis is larger than ever. Opposing the war in Iraq was one thing, defensible in the light of events. But opting out of a serious fight against the Taleban, sabotaging efforts to get Iran off its path towards nuclear status, pre-emptively cringing to Muslim intolerance of free speech and criticism, all suggest something quite different.

They imply a slow but insistent collapse of the European will, the steady attrition of the self-preservation instinct. Its effects can be seen not only in the political field, but in other ways — the startling decline of birth rates across the continent that represent a sort of self-inflicted genocide; the refusal to confront the harsh realities of a global economy.

Many will greet this piece with knowing, resigned nods. Others will shrug off the negative outlook, denying the danger. Few if any on the continent will stir to do anything to confront the danger of their own demise anytime soon.

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