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EU Pressed on Illegal African Immigrants

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It seems that the problem of illegal immigration is not one that is the sole possession of the United States. It also seems that, of countries currently facing the issue, some have voluntarily placed themselves in a position that forces them to seek externally for approval to deal with their own immigration conundrums.

The leaders of Italy, France and Spain sent a letter to the European Union on Monday, urging the bloc to approve measures to help them cope with the flood of illegal migrants from Africa.

EU justice and interior ministers differed over how to tackle the problem during two-day talks last week in Tampere, Finland, meant to boost efforts to achieve a common immigration and asylum policy by 2010.

Premier Romano Prodi, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and French President Jacques Chirac proposed organizing a conference in Libya between the EU and the African Union and asked for additional financing, Prodi’s office said in a statement.

The letter was sent to Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

“The basis for this joint initiative … is an awareness that the phenomenon requires measures that go well beyond those that are available to single member states, and requires a collective effort on the part of the EU,” the statement said.

France, Italy and Spain also asked that “special attention” be paid to plans for joint maritime patrols in the Mediterranean and urged financial and technical aid for the migrants’ countries of origin.

The three asked that the proposals be discussed at an informal summit of European leaders scheduled Oct. 20 in the Finnish town of Lahti.

Prodi’s office said the letter, which followed “intense contacts” between Rome, Paris and Madrid, also was signed by Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Slovenia.

More than 23,000 migrants have made dangerous ocean crossings from northwest Africa to Spain’s Canary Islands so far this year, leading to the drowning of many and a near-collapse of the system of holding facilities on the islands.

These may seem to be small numbers compared to what the U.S. is inundated with from our far too open borders. However, noticably absent from this story is the nature of these illegals. The countries of Europe are already having issues controlling the radical Islamist nature that has prevailed in many parts of the North African enclaves that have stemmed from their generous immigration policies; even less hope for assimilation can be assumed for those choosing to illegally enter into these three states. The possibility for improvement on the issue for France, Italy and Spain is reduced further by the fact that they feel the need to turn to the EU for “measures” to secure their own sovereign borders.

They crawdad to Islamist terror. They coddle local radical enclaves by handling riotous behaviour with an easily misinterpreted (or perhaps properly interpreted) kids-glove approach. They surrender the ability to enforce their own immigration policies to a “greater” collection of countries. These are no longer independent countries; rather, they are milestones to be checked off by our radical expansionist Islamist enemies.

Here’s hoping a touch of national spine arises amongst them before Europe is lost to Eurabia.

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