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Blogroll Additions

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I have added three fine sites to my blogroll:

Feel free to pay them a visit if you’re not already familiar with them.


Time to Get Back

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… to where I once belonged — this hiatus from blogging has gone on long enough. Obviously a lot has happened in my life of late, what with a wedding and all, but there’s certainly been a lot more going on in the world at large about which I would have liked to have spouted my drivel.

That said, what’s done is done, spilt milk, yada yada. Look not here for tales of phony anti-war rangers and rumors of blog feuds, shows of sockpuppets and college instructors turned darkly psychotic blog commenters. Now, had you been following the fine sites on my blogroll, you’d be quite familiar with all of these tales already.

Speaking of my blogroll, there’s a few things I want to point out before I once more unto the blogging, dear friends.

The Mudville Gazette‘s Greyhawk, the founder of the MilBlog webring, has gathered up several of the best MilBloggers around for a new and appropriately-titled group project: MilBlogs. It’s certainly worth checking out repeatedly; several of the contributors were already on my blogroll and others soon will be.

GunnNutt, blogger and devout supporter of the troops, has left behind her old site for one more dedicated to her self-appointed and much-appreciated support role. Please visit her at Semper Gratus.

Lastly — though I know I’m missing a million things I’d wished I’d pointed out over my break — I would like to send out a hearty congrats to long-time blogroll denizen, Phil Gray of Shades of Gray (Umbrae Canarum), for his completion of a long journey with a successful defense of his doctoral dissertation. Now maybe he too will get back to blogging.


Carnival of Liberty XLIII and a Personal Note

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This week’s installment of the Life, Liberty, Property community’s Carnival of Liberty is up over at Searchlight Crusade. Go read another fine collection of posts from a libertarian slant.

As an unrelated note, this is possibly my last post until after my wedding this weekend, and maybe even until after my honeymoon. I cannot recommend enough the fine members of my blogroll — they do a wonderful job of keeping me informed and entertained.


Light the BlogCandles

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Preston Taylor Holmes and the gang over at Six Meat Buffet are celebrating their second blogiversary. Feel free to pay them a visit and offer congrats on another entertaining whirl around the sun.


Moving Day

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… for a couple of the troops at the Officers’ Club, one of my daily reads.

Charlie Munn and John Noonan have settled into their new digs at OpFor, military jargon for opposing force. Go check ’em out … often.


Nothing from Me Tonight

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Perhaps you will be so kind as to visit two recent additions to the Target Centermass blogroll. Hey, I can always use more quality Lone Star blogs.

Do drop by and pay them a visit if you don’t enjoy their work already.


Nothing Tonight

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Sorry, folks, but I’ve been busy with wedding details.

Perhaps this would be a good time to visit the many fine sites on my blogroll, including the following three new and long-overdue blogs added today:


From the Ol’ Blogroll

First, from the Jawa Report, the latest news of brutal abuse from Iraq — check that, I mean the latest brutal abuse of news from Iraq.

The Latest Blood Libel Lie in Iraq

What would you do if every day you saw images of dead civilians, women, and children? Now, imagine that you are told these deaths were the result of Americans intentionally killing civilians. If this was your perception of reality, then you too would probably feel an obligation to fight America. At the very least, you would support those that took up arms.

Now imagine that it was mainstream media sources that were reporting Americans had massacred Iraqi civilians. The media, instead of challenging the version of the story as delivered by radical Islamists that routinely lie, equivocate and act as if the story told by U.S. soldiers is only one version of the truth. That the word of a U.S. soldier is just as suspect as that of Muqtada al Sadr.

Propagating the lie that U.S. soldiers massacre mosque worshippers constitutes a form of blood libel. By portraying American troops as blood thirsty murderers, jihadi propagandists create an atmosphere of obligatory vendettas. What moral person could stand by and let the Americans get away with this type of murder? By treating that lie as if it was a legitimate viewpont, the media help prolong the war on terror. Worse, they give jihadis recruiting power, which leads to the death of more U.S. soldiers and eventually civilians.

Take for instance this …

Go read the rest. It dovetails quite nicely with my piece yesterday on “our” media.

Second, Chad at In the Bullpen covers a big story from the DFW area: the walk-out protests by local high school students/truants in favor of illegal immigration.

Second Day of Immigration Protests in Dallas

Another day, another protest held by students in the Dallas area over the immigration bill. Local media reported many students were from the city of Irving, a suburb of Dallas, and that the Dallas Police Department called in trains and buses to help transport students to Dallas City Hall. School administrators claim all students absent will be marked truant therefore any test, quiz or homework assignment missed will result in a failed grade. Truancy also used to be against the law, but so too is entering this country illegally and aiding those who break U.S. law. Seemingly not in this day and age though.

Check it out for the silliness that has been the locales’ allowing teenagers to blow off school for two straight days and some of the fallout of such coddling.

Third, JohnL at TexasBestGrok posts a special farewell installment as part of his aircraft cheesecake series.

Sunday Aircraft Cheesecake (F-14 Tomcat)

After more than 30 years of distinguished service to the US Navy, the last two squadrons of F-14 Tomcats ended their final combat deployments about two weeks ago. A couple of nice articles about this milestone event can be found …

Definitely watch the video. And tell JohnL to keep up the cheesecake.


From the Blogroll

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I’m not in the mood for more tonight. As such, I would instead like to point you to a few postings from the fine members of my blogroll.

Gateway Pundit honors the three-year anniversary of the Iraqi invasion by looking back at the predictions about the war and the global turnouts of protests on that anniversary.

Protein Wisdom‘s Jeff Goldstein asks for help in shredding a recent “news” piece. He actually does well enough on his own, but his commenters chip in aplenty.

TexasBestGrok‘s JohnL finally brings back some aircraft cheesecake with some sweet Raptor pics.

Phil at Shades of Gray (finally) writes again. This time, it’s about, well, writing.

Finally, Eric the Straight White Guy ponders on … Kiwi polish … and today’s society … and buffing brushes. Yes, I still keep and use one.

That is all for tonight. See y’all tomorrow.


March Madness, Blogosphere Style

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Six Meat Buffet‘s Preston Taylor Holmes has announced that it’s time for the 2006 Six Meat Basketball Challenge.

The brackets were just released. Number one seeds include Duke, UConn, Memphis and Villanova. Are you ready to rumble? I think so.

We’re bringing back the Six Meat Basketball Challenge this year. Last year, you may remember, The Kid from Deliverance won the whole thing, which got him a custom ad graphic and a month-long ad at Six Meat Buffet at the top of our sidebar. This must have sent a month-long avalanche of traffic from which he barely recovered. We had 11 participants last year – let’s get more involved this year.

Need some help with your brackets? Here’s a list of twenty tips for ya.

Need another tip? Always bet on black! No, wait, that’s a tip for roulette. No, wait again, that’s just an asinine line from a crappy movie. Oh … never mind.

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