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And getting cooler every day.

Two weeks ago, the Gunn Nutt introduced me to a new site, From their About page is the following:’s mission is to help visitors to quickly and easily find milblogs from all over the world. is the ultimate starting point for online milblogging. The world’s largest index of military blogs – searchable by a variety of attributes – providing an unprecedented depth of information necessary to find your favorite milblog. Any visitor can find the right milblog that interests them generally in fewer than five clicks. Registered users can submit military blogs. Registration is free!

I was intrigued enough to see if some of the MilBlogs I frequent were there. Oh sure, the biggies were already listed, but a good number of the ones I read regularly were still missing, including … ahem … Target Centermass. I meant to register and start submitting. No, really, I meant to. Obviously, it was something that could wait a day. Or two. Or …

Well, today I was scanning back over the weekend at the martini dude, and he pointed me back to I checked it out again and it is most assuredly growing fast. Oh yeah, TCm was added on Oct. 26. Thanks to whoever was so kind as to swing that.

Okay, just made the sidebar. Now, they really need to come up with some buttons.

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  1. JP says:

    We just added a blog to the home page with feeds, and also a Link Buttons page. Thanks for the suggestion!

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