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As Promised, Wedding Photos

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First Dance

The first dance for Mr. and Mrs. Gunner
May 6, 2006

More photos in the extended entry for those that are interested.

Here I am, ready early enough to fall victim to the photographer. My kilt is the Wylie family tartan.

Gunner in Wylie tartan kilt

Here are my groomsmen, dear friends all. Between the four of them, I was blessed with a variety of ties to several aspects of my life, be they my hometown, Texas A&M, my fraternity or my military days. It’s hard to tell in the black and white, but the guys are wearing the Black Watch tartan.

My Groomsmen

My lovely bride prepares herself. Yes, we were quite old-fashioned in many aspects of the day so I did not see her until she was coming down the aisle.

The Soon-to-be Mrs. Gunner

After an already lengthy and trying day, at last come the “I dos” and such. Although we did tweak our vows a bit, I was unable to convince her to promise to obey. Oh well, I’m pretty sure it was implied.

The Vows

The deed done, it was now time for the newly married couple to enjoy a breather and some good eats at the reception. As a side note, after the ceremony my wife was presented with a Wylie tartan sash by my sister as a welcoming into the family.

A Break in the Reception

Oh, what the heck. Here’s a honeymoon shot. Maui was abso-freaking-lutely incredible.

Sailing into the Maui Sunset

12 responses to “As Promised, Wedding Photos”

  1. elgato says:

    “promise to obey…” Ha! Not likely, though they let us think it’s so. Congratulations, man. Like the kilts – always a classy touch.

  2. Congratulations!

    ….Mr. C.

  3. Damian says:

    Congratulations. Eleven years later, my wedding day is still the best day of my life. I hope you’re as lucky.

  4. Eric says:

    … congratulations, big guy…. I was married in a kilt myself…. good luck to you and the bride!….

  5. frankenstein says:

    so….. how many “yes dears” are we at now?


    heartfelt congratulations, gunner.

  6. Phil says:

    Congratulations again! And the kilt was a nice touch. I showed my fiancee, who responded….well, somewhat negatively to the idea of me following suit.

    For the best, anyway – need to keep with my kin. Horned Norwegian viking helmet! That will get the padre’s attention.

    Congrats, and may you and your wife share decades of happiness together.

  7. Eric says:

    … wtf, man… you get hitched and then quit blogging?…. post, dammit….

  8. William says:

    Was great to be in your wedding party, Putting on pants just hasn’t been the same. Those Scots are frickin brilliant!

  9. David Wylie says:

    I went to Texas A&M years ago. I was surfing the web and this site came up as a hit for Wylie family. Interesting as I am a Wylie from New Zealand originally. Best wishes.

  10. congrats to you… hope youll last forever……. god bless…. you love story well be in my report… god bless you bothhh IM FROM PHILLINES HEHEHE

  11. Kryspin says:


    Target Centermass ยป Gunner?s Favorites…

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