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Sew Much Comfort

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Here’s a new-to-me charity that is dedicated to assisting some of those who have suffered and sacrificed in our military efforts.

American military personnel are serving our country in a variety of dangerous situations and locations. As a result of discharging their duties, a number of them are seriously wounded or injured. Modern medical technology is having great success saving the lives of these hero’s; however, medicine doesn’t address some of their basic needs, such as clothing that will accommodate medical devices and situations – braces, fixators, casts, prosthetics and burns. Many of the wounded troops are left with a hospital gown as their only clothing option.

[…] Our mission is to design, create and deliver customized clothing for these brave troops. Adaptive clothing accommodates their medical devices and situations, provides ease of use, personal independence and minimizes the visual impact of their medical condition. The goal is provide each soldier with an individually designed and tailored wardrobe of adaptive clothing, in order to provide them comfort and maintain their dignity, thereby facilitating the healing process.

Hat tip to Sgt. Hook, who dramatically demonstrates the need that the fine folk at Sew Much Comfort work to fulfill.

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