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Just some links for y’all, as I’m currently packing for a weekend excursion to College Station to watch the surprising Texas A&M men’s basketball team match up against Baylor. My Aggies are currently ranked #8 and #9 in the polls, and that was more than enough reason for a guys’ weekend away with some old friends.

Anyway, on with the links.

Victory Caucus

The Victory Caucus

We support victory in the war against radical Islamists. We supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we believe victory is necessary in both countries for America’s self-defense.

We believe that the radical regime in Iran, while not representative of the Iranian people, is a menace and that it cannot be allowed to obtain or build nuclear weapons.

We believe that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Americans and which waged war against Israel in violation of every law of war this past summer, and will do so again in the future.

We believe Israel is our ally and friend and deserves the full assistance of the United States in its battle with radical Islamists. We believe that Israel has repeatedly shown its willingness to negotiate a just and lasting peace, but that its enemies do not want peace, but the destruction of Israel.

We believe that the American military is the finest in the world and indeed in history, well led and superbly trained, and populated at every level by America’s best and brightest.

We support the troops, and those organizations which assist the wounded in their recoveries and support the families of those who sacrificed everything.

We support leaders who support victory.

Part blog, part message board, still getting its feet wet.

The Danger Room

A blog about what’s next in national security. Hat tip to Op-For.

Pin-ups for Vets

I always loved the beautiful pin-up photos and paintings from the World War II era that American soldiers took overseas with them to boost their morale. The troops often carried these “cheesecake” pictures with them into war to help remind them of what they were fighting for back home. One of the most famous pinup shots was taken in the 1940’s of actress Betty Grable, in a bathing suit, looking back over her shoulder.

With these old glamorous pictures as inspiration, I decided to try to recreate the feeling of these nostalgic pin-ups in my own photo shoots, and then assemble my pictures in a calendar for a fundraiser to benefit the programs that support the hospitalized Veterans, injured in ALL wars, past and present.

A one-woman good cause worthy of your time. Both the cause and the lady are certainly worth a gander.

Appeal for Courage

Received in an email request:

Hello from Baghdad.

I and a Vietnam vet friend of mine have launched a new site, which allows active duty military to (legally) tell Congress and the media that they should support our mission, and that their criticism does hurt our morale while emboldening our enemies.

This site is partly in response to the leftist site AppealForRedress [edit: Grayhawk has more about this over at the Mudville Gazette]. It was created by a big money group and given a free pass by the media. I don’t have any money for advertising, and I don’t expect the media to help.

If you folks could help publicize it in other websites and to your military friends, I think we could get thousands of signatures and have an impact at this crucial juncture in the war. Thank-you for your help.

LT Jason Nichols, USN
MNF-I, Baghdad

Consider it done, sir.

Fullbore Friday

One of my favorite recurring features in the blogosphere is the weekly posting of Fullbore Friday, brought to you by CDR Salamander. Each week, he brings a little piece of military history, usually naval and often focusing on a gallant performance by a particular ship. As a little sample, here’s a recent posting about an engagement that fascinated me when I first read about it as a little child — the clash of the British cruisers Exeter, Ajax and Achilles against the German pocket battleship Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate. After that, be sure to keep an eye out tomorrow for the next Fullbore Friday feature.

UPDATE: While I’m plugging CDR Salamander, I thought I’d take a quick moment to discuss a recent visitor to Target Centermass. Click the “more” for the curious Site Meter listing.


A Little Inter-service Rivalry II

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For a very good cause.

Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. What a great place, it’s a great place to give.

The fine folks at Soldiers’ Angels are again having another drive for their very worthy Project Valour-IT charity.

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the ‘Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse.

They’ve again decided to divy up the effort among the four branches of the U.S. military, just to add a little fun and incentive to an already noble cause. As is to be expected, Target Centermass has again joined with Blackfive on the Army team, which is currently enjoying a slight lead as of this writing.

Overall, more than $90,000 dollars has already been raised toward a goal of $180,000 for the drive, but there’s obviously still a long ways to go. Please feel free to give in the name of your branch of choice (not-so-subliminal hint: Army) to a very good cause.

I’ve given. Will you?


Sew Much Comfort

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Here’s a new-to-me charity that is dedicated to assisting some of those who have suffered and sacrificed in our military efforts.

American military personnel are serving our country in a variety of dangerous situations and locations. As a result of discharging their duties, a number of them are seriously wounded or injured. Modern medical technology is having great success saving the lives of these hero’s; however, medicine doesn’t address some of their basic needs, such as clothing that will accommodate medical devices and situations – braces, fixators, casts, prosthetics and burns. Many of the wounded troops are left with a hospital gown as their only clothing option.

[…] Our mission is to design, create and deliver customized clothing for these brave troops. Adaptive clothing accommodates their medical devices and situations, provides ease of use, personal independence and minimizes the visual impact of their medical condition. The goal is provide each soldier with an individually designed and tailored wardrobe of adaptive clothing, in order to provide them comfort and maintain their dignity, thereby facilitating the healing process.

Hat tip to Sgt. Hook, who dramatically demonstrates the need that the fine folk at Sew Much Comfort work to fulfill.


New Blog: Supporting Troops

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And I mean brand-spanking first-month new.

Supporting Troops is already chock-full of pictures of soldiers receiving care packages and is the most recent endeavor of Brad Blauser. Who is Brad Blauser? Well, he’s a civilian on the ground in Iraq and is the driving force behind an amazing effort I’ve mentioned once before, Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids.

Go check out Mr. Blauser’s amazingly good deeds.


Reciprocity XIX and Valour-IT Update

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this again. Every so often I like to take an opportunity to express my gratitude to those who have blogrolled or linked to Target Centermass.

First, thanks to the following fine blogs for adding TCm to their blogrolls:

Second, thanks to the following for somewhat recent links to TCm:

Third, I would especially like to thank Matt at Blackfive for his work in the MilBlog fundraiser for his work as the Army team lead in the Valour-IT fundraiser. I gave, but not for the link from Matt. Check out the cause if you want to know the real reason. Tonight, Matt brings an especially pleasing update – the Army team has hit its goal of $21,000, two days before the drive closes on Veteran’s Day and ahead of the other branches. Hooah!!! Don’t let that stop you from giving throught the Army team at Blackfive or through the graphic link below.

Feel free to give through the branch of your choice (hint … Army). Just please give. The troops deserve more than magnets on cars as signs of support.

As always, if you’ve linked or blogrolled Target Centermass and I haven’t found you, please send an email or post a comment. No good deed should go unacknowledged.


Project Valour-IT Drive Continues

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Currently, the Army is in the lead in the little inter-service rivalry for an extremely worthy cause. The drive will continue until this Friday, Veterans Day ’05.

As of this writing, over $44,000 has been raised between the four branches and their supporters to assist injured troopers communicate with the world. Hooah! Please give the Army way, via Blackfive, or the link below:

Heck, give through the branch of your choice. Just please give. I have. Will you support our injured troops?


A Little Inter-service Rivalry

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For a very good cause.

Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. What a great place, it’s a great place to give.

Blackfive has the story of a charity drive for Project Valour-IT, a very worth effort by the Soldiers’ Angels organization.

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the ‘Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse.

Good enough cause, right? Well, just to add a little competition to the fundraising, this drive is being handled seperately by the different branches, with Blackfive leading the Army team. Check out the cause, then cruise over and help out, if not for the Army team then for any of the other branches. Blackfive has links to the others.

I’m going to give. Will you?


Spirit of America Wrap-Up

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Well, the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom raised over $6,500 for the Spirit of America charity. Overall, bloggers and their readers were able to amass contributions exceeding $90,000 in the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge. A hearty congrats to all involved.

Please visit all the blogs who joined Castle Argghhh!!! on the Fighting Fusileers team:

A Black and White World
A Texan Abroad
Argghhh! The Home of Two of Jonah’s Military Guys
Army of One
As I See Things
Baboon Pirates
Ben’s World
Boudicca’s Voice
Brain Shavings
CatHouse Chat
Cowboy Blob’s
Dean’s World
Dog Snot Diaries
Drink this…
Inside Allan’s Mind
Intelligent Intercourse
Jason’s Blog
Mind of Mog
Mossback Culture
Not Exactly Rocket Science
OkieMinnie Me
Pedophiles for Kim Jong-Il
Quality Weenie
Random Fate
RedNeck Ramblings
Right Wing Nut Jobs Unite
Secure Liberty
Seven Inches of Sense
Sgt Hook
She Who Will Be Obeyed!
Southern By Blog!!
Target Centermass
The Last Amazon
The Patriette
The Razor
The Tiger in Winter
University Blog

Now, off to some Christmas shopping. More later.


Another Blogger Challenge Update

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Join the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!

As of this writing, bloggers and supporters have raised over $71,000 for the Spirit of America, a charity to extend good will to the Afghani and Iraqi people through a variety of projects. The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom have managed to raise over $6,000, and thanks to all who have given so far.

Have you donated? It’s not too late to join the Castle Argghhh! in the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom as we try to answer the challenge. Just click the image below to help.

Join the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!


‘Twas the Night before Blogothon

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In our continuing attempts to raise fundage for the Spirit of America, the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom bring you this seasonal entertainment, courtesy of BloodSpite.

If that doesn’t work, here’s more cowbell from Ben.

The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom — working harder to entertain you for your charity dollar. Please click the image below to donate. Pretty please. With a freakin’ cherry on top already.

Join the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!

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