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CNN Video Shows Terrorist Snipers’ Work in Iraq

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In a new but unsurprising low for “our” media, CNN has decided to bring our enemies’ propaganda directly to the public in the form of a snuff film with American troops as the victims. This is disgusting but, as I said, unsurprising. OpFor‘s John Noonan points out the obvious [emphasis in original]:

CNN, by their own admission, understands that this video’s purpose is to serve as a propaganda tool for the insurgency, yet they still chose to give it a national TV audience. That type of advertising usually costs millions.

Matt at Blackfive responds with some viewpoints of American military personnel and veterans through a published email and a wealth of comments. Key among these are the words of commenter SGT Torgersen:

It basically comes down to two things: 1) many in the MSM, maybe even most, long ago bought into the idea that war is NEVER necessary, especially long-term warfare like the kind required to win the GWOT, and 2) anything that happens on Bush’s watch must be portrayed as negatively as possible because the MSM is determined to write the “history” of this Administration as negatively as possible.


From the Left’s point of view, the GWOT has become 100% politicized. They have divorced themselves utterly from the seriousness and gravity of the situation, at least in terms of realizing that there is an Islamist enemy out there determined to kill ALL of us, not just Republicans and conservatives, and they treat Iraq coverage like it’s a game: score points against the “enemy” whenever possible, regardless of how it helps or hinders Coalition forces.

I’d suggest reading them all while keeping in mind that many of the commenters could have very well found themselves in the same position as the video’s victims.

Meanwhile, Chad Evans at In the Bullpen, one of the best sites for information on such matters because of Chad’s willingness to delve for enemy propaganda on Islamist web sites, brings forth some questions on CNN’s examination and understanding of the video before publication. Basically, he convincingly demonstrates their compliant choice to unquestionably carry the water for our enemies:

It’s clearly propoganda, to which CNN agrees, but I do believe we have the right to see what is going on inside Iraq. Why then are there no CNN front-page reports showing the blood-splattered streets holding children’s blood? Where are the beheaded bodies of Iraqi policemen or soldiers shown side-by-side the constant flood of recruits as Iraqis enlist to fight against the very terrorist group CNN provided a forum for?

There are no time-stamps on any of the clips spliced together by the Islamic Army of Iraq, and that’s by design. We are led to believe these attacks happened within a mere days of each other, but a perusal of the video hosted by CNN tells me that isn’t the case. At least one of those is over two years old. In two years that’s all the Islamic Army of Iraq could come up with? CNN though doesn’t bother telling you that, perhaps because they simply don’t know.

CNN could have easily turned the Islamic Army of Iraq propoganda against them, highlighting the fact snipers in Iraq have killed far more innocent Iraqi civilians than anyone else. During a Shia religious ceremony one month ago, insurgent snipers shot women as they traveled. Kids have been sniped at schools.

Okay, it is clear that “our” media is not on our side in our current engagements, whether it be through their willingness to present enemy propaganda unquestioned or their refusal to present stories of our progress. Long ago and often since, I predicted that our enemies were aiming for a victory based upon the model of the Tet offensive, a victory not of a military nature but of a shaping of public perception.

By practically any historical combat standards, so far October ’06 has been a month of extremely low casualties. Now, again unsurprisingly, the whispers of Tet have crept into the language of the media. However, the media won’t present any numerical contrast to conflicts of the past because that would demonstrate that our losses, while each and every one a tragedy, are small in comparison and would show that all coverage to date has deprived the public of any historical perspective. Yes, October ’06 has been bloody for Americans by the standards of the Iraqi theater, but don’t expect the media to even provide context while they speak of Tet. They will not tell you that the number of Americans killed in action (1,536) in the less than six months of the Tet offensive, including the entirety of the siege of Khe Sanh, were well more than half the total Americans in the three and a half years of the Iraqi campaign. They also will not tell you that the estimated enemy losses in Tet range from 25,000 to 45,000 dead. In fact, the key thing they will not tell you is why Tet, a huge and dramatic American military victory that essentially ended the Viet Cong as a cohesive force and turned the Viet Nam war into an invasion from the north rather than an insurgency, is now viewed as a defeat — “our” media presented it as such to the American public and sadly closed the deal.

No, this is not Tet II, but the media may yet turn it into such. Please don’t be surprised that the terrorists have kicked up their efforts immediately prior to the mid-term U.S. elections, as they have a lot hanging on the November congressional election results. Also, don’t be amazed that CNN and the bulk of the mainstream media are willing to assist our enemies in an attempt for an October surprise.

Disgusting. Simply disgusting and irresponsible.

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