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Al-Qaida Escapee Caught in Afghanistan

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When I blogged the original escape of four high-value detainees in Afghanistan, I stated a hope to follow up on the story. Well, two of the four are now accounted for with the recent arrest of one of the fugitives.

US forces in Afghanistan have captured an Al-Qaida operative who escaped from the main US military prison in the country last year, a Pakistani newspaper reported on Monday.

The man, identified as Abu Nasir al-Qahtani, was captured recently in the southeastern Afghan province of Khost, the News newspaper said, citing Taliban supporters in the Pakistani border region of North Waziristan.

The US military said on Nov. 6 a “known Al-Qaida operative and five other extremists” had been captured during an operation near Khost town early that day.

It did not identify any of those captured. A US military spokesman on Monday referred queries to the US Department of Defence.

Al-Qahtani has been referred to in some news reports as Mohammad Jafar Jamal al-Kahtani.

Four Arab Al-Qaida militants escaped from the heavily fortified US detention centre at Bagram air base, the US military’s main base in Afghanistan on July 11 last year.

At the time, the US military declined to identify them but described them as “dangerous enemy combatants”.

Well, of the four Bagram escapees, we now have one in custody in Afghanistan and one who began taking the long dirt nap in Iraq. That’s progress.

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