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A Blogger Changes his Programming

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There are a variety of reasons that I’m going, but a fairly compelling one is curiosity coupled with dissatisfaction about the present coverage of the war.

With these words as his reasoning, INDC Journal’s Bill Ardolino has announced that he will be going to Iraq as an embed with American troops. This is a courageous endeavor based upon strong conviction. Presumably, after his efforts in the blog-forced gangbang that was Rathergate, Bill will also be on the lookout for anachronistic typography on terrorist documents.

There is a catch, though, as Bill needs a little assistance in funding his journey. If you can help a good guy out, please do so. Check out the photo that he has linked — we need bloggers like that on the battlefield.

4 responses to “A Blogger Changes his Programming”

  1. RTO Trainer says:

    Is this a trend?

    Bill Roggio, Michael Fumento…

    Are the bloggers going to accept the abdicated responsibiliteis of the MSM? Will we see more embed bloggers?

  2. Hey, just saw this link. Thanks for the support.

    Re: “Bill will also be on the lookout for anachronistic typography on terrorist documents.”

    That got a laugh. What does proportional spacing and electronic kerning look like in arabic?

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